Rise of the Runelords

Chapter I Part IV

With some guidance from Shalelu, the party set off to Thistletop in search of Tsuto and any that wish to do Sandpoint harm. Unfortunately, the suspension bridge that reached to the island upon which Thistletop sits was rigged to fail, sending a few party members plunging into  the Varisian gulf below. 
Gogmurt, a goblin war commander, intercepted the group and actually helped them out. Well, perhaps he helped himself out. Gogmurt urged the party not to hurt any goblins and to send them all his way. Gogmurt has bad feeling about white hair lady, and senses bad stuff coming.
The heroes sneaked their way into the fortress. The goblin king, after toying with them for a bit, was easily dispatched in battle. His minions were charmed by Gabriel and sent to Gogmurt. More rescued goblins!

*More to come from recent sessions. Too busy to finish right now*

Glass and Wrath
Chapter I Part III

With Sheriff Hemlock seeking reinforcements out of town, it is up to the local heroes to investigate what has become of Ameiko after finding a cryptic note from the night before requesting a secret meeting at the Sandpoint Glassworks.

The party busts into the strangely dormant Glassworks midday to discover the place has been overrun by goblins! The nasty creatures turn their attention away from their mayhem to engage the heroes, but are no match. The victors step over the corpses of their foul foes to discover a most gruesome sight…Lonjiku Kaijitsu, father of Ameiko, has been slaughtered mercilessly and poured over with molten glass. He glistens in the middle of the glassworking room, strung up with rope and left as some horrid art installation.

Seeing that this does not bode well for the safety of Ameiko, the group rushes into the basement of the Glassworks to continue searching. At last, behind a particularly strong wooden door, she is found- tied up and gagged, barely conscious. Tsuto, the half-elf behind all of this treachery, exchanges a few short words with the party upon having been discovered, then flees deep into the halls of what turns out to be a long forgotten catacomb, right here under Sandpoint.

With Ameiko brought to safety in the care of Father Zantus, the heroes begin pursuit of Tsuto- but they don't get far. Beyond a set of huge ornate doors lies a chilling cathedral, home to a Lamashtu worshipping quasit named Erylium. With her own blood, Erylium summons the aid of several sinspawn from a runewell of wrath and brings the heroes to their knees. With one last push in a life or death standoff, the party triumphs over Erylium and just barely manages to escape to summon the council of Father Zantus. Leaving the catacombs mostly undiscovered and Tsuto likely long gone, the party spends a day in recovery to prepare for what lies ahead at Thistletop- their only lead on what this madness is with the half-elf Tsuto, the goblins, and all that has troubled Sandpoint.

Local Heroes
Chapter I Part II

After showing Aldern a thing or two about boar hunting in the Tickwood forest, great feast was had at the Rusty Dragon- but not without disruption. Lonjiku Kaijitsu crashed the party, insulting the adventurers while demanding his daughter, Ameiko, leave with him at once. Gabriel seemed to calm Lonjiku down well enough after Ameiko humiliated him with a ladle full of soup. 

The next morning, some chaos ensued as Amele Barett, a Sandpoint local, ran into the streets crying for help dragging her poor, bitten son behind. Goblins. Pam and Gerald were up to the job. After pulling out the lifeless body of Amele's unfortunate husband, the Goblin in question leaped from his tiny hole in the boy's closet and quickly met his demise.

Later that day, the town sheriff Hemlock approached the party to consult on some strange happenings in the town cemetery. Apparently somebody had opened the tomb that contains the remains of former high priests. Upon investigation, a group of reanimated skeletons engaged the party and nearly took the life of Gerald! Fortunately, everyone made it out alive…but there was certainly some foul play in there, as a robe of bones was found in the tomb. What is more disturbing, though, is not what was found..but what was missing- the remains of the recently passed high priest, Ezakien.

Due to the disturbing events that have surrounded the town in the days of late, Sheriff Hemlock believes it is best if the adventurers stick around in town for awhile to give some assurance to the folk that trouble will be dealt with. That being said, there appears to be a lot of activity among the goblin tribes in the area, according the Sandpoint's finest scout, Shalelu Andosana. Shalelu made a surprise visit to Sandpoint to inform the mayor and sheriff about recent goblin attacks that have occurred elsewhere and with multiple tribes working together. It seems someone has organized the goblins for their bidding. 

As if all of this wasn't insane enough, the next morning Bethan Corwin, a barmaid at the Rusty Dragon, reported Ameiko missing! An ominous note from her estranged brother was all the evidence found. Since Sheriff Hemlock has gone out of town to recruit more guard against the rising goblin attacks, it is up to the party to head over to the Sandpoint Glassworks and figure out what exactly happened to Ameiko.

Pam, Gerald, and Iskaral each earn 135xp for dealing with the skeletons!
Pam and Gerald earn an additional 65xp for taking care of the closet goblin!
Gabriel earns 100xp for consoling Amele and her family in the cathedral!
Pam, Gerald, Iskaral, and Gabriel earn 400xp for sticking up for Ameiko against her father!


Festival and Fire
Chapter I Part I

Terror struck the town of Sandpoint on the night of the Swallowtail Festival. Dirty, filthy goblins attacked the city in a fiendish attempt to burn, pillage, and feast. Fortunately for the town, your fearless party vanquished the goblin attackers with ease and rescued many townsfolk, including a nobleman named Aldern Foxglove.

Interrogation of the goblins proved fruitless, though it was hinted that the attack may have been orchestrated by a human.

Despite a small death toll, the town looks back upon the goblin raid with a healthy sense of humor, remembering the stupid insanity of the goblins jumping off of buildings and lighting one another ablaze. 

Your party is revered as a band of heroes! Ameiko Kaijitsu, the owner of The Rusty Dragon Inn, grants you free room and board for one week. Aldern Foxglove, after giving everyone a token of his appreciation for saving his life, invites the whole party out for a boar hunt in the Tickwood Forest. 

All players earn 370XP and 8 gp, 3sp per person from Aldern Foxglove.


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