Rise of the Runelords

Glass and Wrath

Chapter I Part III

With Sheriff Hemlock seeking reinforcements out of town, it is up to the local heroes to investigate what has become of Ameiko after finding a cryptic note from the night before requesting a secret meeting at the Sandpoint Glassworks.

The party busts into the strangely dormant Glassworks midday to discover the place has been overrun by goblins! The nasty creatures turn their attention away from their mayhem to engage the heroes, but are no match. The victors step over the corpses of their foul foes to discover a most gruesome sight…Lonjiku Kaijitsu, father of Ameiko, has been slaughtered mercilessly and poured over with molten glass. He glistens in the middle of the glassworking room, strung up with rope and left as some horrid art installation.

Seeing that this does not bode well for the safety of Ameiko, the group rushes into the basement of the Glassworks to continue searching. At last, behind a particularly strong wooden door, she is found- tied up and gagged, barely conscious. Tsuto, the half-elf behind all of this treachery, exchanges a few short words with the party upon having been discovered, then flees deep into the halls of what turns out to be a long forgotten catacomb, right here under Sandpoint.

With Ameiko brought to safety in the care of Father Zantus, the heroes begin pursuit of Tsuto- but they don't get far. Beyond a set of huge ornate doors lies a chilling cathedral, home to a Lamashtu worshipping quasit named Erylium. With her own blood, Erylium summons the aid of several sinspawn from a runewell of wrath and brings the heroes to their knees. With one last push in a life or death standoff, the party triumphs over Erylium and just barely manages to escape to summon the council of Father Zantus. Leaving the catacombs mostly undiscovered and Tsuto likely long gone, the party spends a day in recovery to prepare for what lies ahead at Thistletop- their only lead on what this madness is with the half-elf Tsuto, the goblins, and all that has troubled Sandpoint.


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