Rise of the Runelords


Chapter I Part IV

With some guidance from Shalelu, the party set off to Thistletop in search of Tsuto and any that wish to do Sandpoint harm. Unfortunately, the suspension bridge that reached to the island upon which Thistletop sits was rigged to fail, sending a few party members plunging into  the Varisian gulf below. 
Gogmurt, a goblin war commander, intercepted the group and actually helped them out. Well, perhaps he helped himself out. Gogmurt urged the party not to hurt any goblins and to send them all his way. Gogmurt has bad feeling about white hair lady, and senses bad stuff coming.
The heroes sneaked their way into the fortress. The goblin king, after toying with them for a bit, was easily dispatched in battle. His minions were charmed by Gabriel and sent to Gogmurt. More rescued goblins!

*More to come from recent sessions. Too busy to finish right now*



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